The past couple days have been filled with incredible moments of beauty. So much so that I find myself just re-entering the scenes, savoring the emotions, and just reveling in the thoughts… letting them sweep over me again and again and again. That’s what beauty does. It’s disruptive. It’s inviting. Consuming. When we recognize it … Continue reading Beauty


Heads up: LONG post ahead! We are all about adventure and wanted to tell you about our biggest plot twist so far. The metaphorical trail took a huge turn and, crazy enough, I am writing this from Minnesota! Like, right now. Yep. I’m not joking. After well over a month and a half of dreaming and talking … Continue reading Minne…what?!

The Bob and Headwaters

Ah, our fantastic week in Montana! We headed east to the Hamilton home in Missoula the day after I (AJ) returned to Seattle from San Francisco. There’s really nothing like a road trip with Dan. I’ve been on a few, but I think that this was Robyn’s first. I’m sure that this was her first … Continue reading The Bob and Headwaters


This segment of the trip had long been planned and anticipated, as we were going to be doing this with a group of friends. A series of situations that came up and pared our original group of 7 down to 4. While our 3 friends were missed, we had an absolutely incredible time on the Wonderland … Continue reading Wonderland